Ruth Lee
Ruth Lee
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  • *It is a 20Kg Adult With CPR Torso* (Prestan Adult CPR manikin)
  • The full bodied CPR manikin can accept most of the CPR torsos
  • Adult sized at 1.8m for realistic training
  • Supplied with replaceable, washable protective overalls.
  • Supplied in a tough storage/carrying holdall, making storing and handling the manikin far easier - they also protect and keep the manikins clean when not in use.
  • Name: 70Kg Adult
  • Weight: 17 KG
  • Height: 1.8 m
  • Anatomically correct weight distribution to give the ‘feel’ of an unconscious casualty.
  • Tough enough to withstand being buried under concrete or steel lintels.
  • Soft body joints eliminate the risk of pinch welts and bruising; common injuries when using plastic bodied manikins.
  • An immobilization/extrication collar can be fitted around the neck of our adult manikins to promote proper casualty care.
  • Comes complete with overalls, boots and separate Nomex hood to cover the head, which is easily replaced if damaged.