Philips Respironics DreamStation Auto CPAP with Mask Bundled
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Brand Philips Respironics
Size (L x W x H) 21 cm x 37 cm x 22 cm
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  • C-Flex, C-Flex+, A-Flex
  • SmartRamp
  • EZ-Start
  • CPAP-Check
  • Auto-Trial
  • Opti-Start
  • Digital AutoTrak
  • Advanced event detection
  • Waveform data
  • Standard integrated Bluetooth

Auto CPAP:

DreamStation positive airway pressure (PAP) sleep therapy devices are designed to be as comfortable and easy to experience as sleep is intended to be. Connecting patients and care teams, DreamStation devices empower users to embrace their care with confidence and enable care teams to practice efficient and effective patient management.

Amara View(Mask):

The Amara View’s incredible under-the-nose design makes it the only full face mask that won’t cause red marks on the bridge of your nose when compared to the market leaders. Amara View is also the smallest, lightest and has the widest field of vision of all leading full face masks. It’s easy to wear glasses, read, watch TV, and use a computer or tablet before falling asleep.

• Innovative design prevents red marks, discomfort or irritation on the nose bridge
• The smallest and lightest† of all leading full face masks
• Widest field of vision of all leading full face masks
• Enables wearing glasses, reading, and watching TV
• Easy to use with one modular frame for all cushion sizes
• No bulky cushion and frame in front of your face and eyes


Dream Wear Nasal (Mask): Click Here to view it

Philips Respironics DreamWear nasal and gel pillows cushions' remarkable design directs airflow through the frame so patients can sleep comfortably, and the tubing connection located at the top of the head allows patients to sleep in any position they desire – on their stomach, side, or back.

Soft silicone frame: Light, flexible material designed for comfort
Open field of vision: Wear glasses, read, and watch TV.
No red mask: Leave no masks on the bridge of the nose.
Innovative: Under-the-nose design
In-frame airflow: Unique design allows airflow through the frame to help
the patients sleep comfortably
Top-of-head tube connection: Provides freedom of movement throughout the right
Interchangeable cushions: Easily switch between nasal and gel pillows cushions
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